Film test: vintage Nikon FE

Here are a few shots from a vintage Nikon FE film camera I tried out recently:

It seemed to really shine when there was a lot of contrast, but even under well-lit conditions, the rest of the images felt a bit soft in comparison to the sharpness I tend to get to from my AE-1 Program. 

Also, it's interesting to see how much I center shots when I'm shooting film. Something to work on!

Road trip: Christmas in Wyoming

It's difficult to put into words just how unreal it was to be in Jackson Hole for Christmas this year. The mountains, the animals, the sheer scale of the wide-open-ness, all folded together with meeting most of Barry's family for the first time -- it was an absolute postcard holiday, a dozen different kinds of snowy and warm-hearted and perfect.

I could write a whole gushy, emotional post about all the feelings and the family dinners, and the way the air was, and how quiet it was at night, and how much I adore the pretty little turquoise ring I picked up to remember the trip by. I probably will at some point, but until then, here are my favorite shots from those few freezing, beautiful days: